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MazorBooks enjoyed fine Holiday Season sales online and in holiday boutiques.
As the holiday boutiques season has come to an end, MazorBooks is offering its remaining stock at a lovely discount!
The Amazon and Barnes & Noble prices for most of the MazorBooks children’s books are listed for  $12.99 plus S&H (free shipping for Prime members)

mb-titleWhile supply lasts, you may obtain the following books directly from MazorBooks at a significant discount per the following:
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$27 for 3 books
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$40 for 5 books
$8 for every additional book!

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Take advantage of this special sale, promote literacy and bring joy to the kids in your life!

(Please note that this offer is good while supply lasts and may be discontinued at any time and without notice.)

Happy Holidays to All!
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Hebrew for English Speaking Kids: A Collection (Huge Discount)


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Introduction to Hebrew:

The Hebrew language was spoken by the Jews of the Land of Israel in ancient times. The language was revived in the 1800s under the leadership of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the Father of Modern Hebrew. Hebrew is the language of the State of Israel.

5bks-tasteofhebrew1000The Hebrew Alphabet for English Speaking Kids

Hebrew is different from English, not only in sound but also in the way it is written. Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, the first of which are alef and bet. Five of the 22 letters are written a bit differently when they appear at the end of a word and some Hebrew letters have more than one sound. For example, the sound of “P” and the sound of “F” are represented by the same letter, pronounced “Pey” or “Fey” depending on its word. Hebrew vowels are represented by symbols, which generally are not written in texts though they are used in prayer books and children’s and beginner learning books. Finally, the most observable distinction of Hebrew is that it is written and read from right to left.
HUGE DISCOUNT on The “Taste of Hebrew for English Speaking Kids” Five Book Collection on Ebay. (Brand New)

Individual books available in PRINT and KINDLE on Amazon:

1. Hebrew Alphabet –
2. Count in Hebrew –
3. Colors in Hebrew –
4. Animals in Hebrew –
5. Fruits in Hebrew –



Free Today: Fruits in Hebrew


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Free today  – November 27, 2016
Fruits in Hebrew: At Old Country Grove (click image)

fruit-cover500Fruits in Hebrew At Old Country Grove is the fifth volume in
MazorBooks “A Taste of Hebrew” for English speaking kids series.

In this installment, Ami and Tami, the adorable twins, accompany Grandma Ruth on a trip to the fruity-licious fair at Old Country Grove.

Colorful illustrations engage children in the story of the twins as well as teach young readers the Hebrew names for fruit, which appear in Hebrew, in English translation, and in English transliteration.

“A Taste of Hebrew” is a wonderfully entertaining and educational series that introduces children to basic Hebrew.


Amazon Promo – $10 Off Books


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Excellent opportunity to buy your kids the “A Taste of Hebrew” series for English Speaking Kids, including its latest installment, Fruits in Hebrew – At Old Country Grove.
Amazon offer: A Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo – $10 off print books.when you spend $25 dollars or more. (Use HOLIDAYBOOK code at checkout)

– Note Amazon code is valid until 2.59 am on Nov 28th
Amazon reserves the right to cancel without notice
So hurry and take advantage!

Use promo – HOLIDAYBOOK ($10 off)
on Amazon when you buy books for $25 or more

GET “A Taste of Hebrew” for English Speaking Kids
1. Fruits in Hebrew – (Newest)
2. Hebrew Alphabet –
3. Count in Hebrew –
4. Colors in Hebrew –
5. Animals in Hebrew –

Happy Birthday, World!


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Happy Birthday, World!

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the world’s birthday (Oct 3, 2016).

This lovely children’s book recounts – in easy to understand rhymes that are accompanied by colorful images – the order of creation as it is described in the beginning of the Book of Genesis: From God’s creation of light on Day One to the creation of Adam and Eve on Day Six to the day of rest — the Sabbath.

And God said,
Let there be light
On day number one
So light was created
Before there was none
God then divided
The dark and the light
He called the light day
And the dark He called night
Bible for Children
The Creation of the World: A Biblical Account for Kids

Available in digital and print versions on Amazon – Click here to purchase

What Is Rosh Hashanah?


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rhcover1000Rosh Hashanah, literally “head of the year”, is the Jewish New Year and one of the Jewish people’s holiest of days. Rosh Hashanah, which occurs on the first and second days of the Hebrew month of Tishrei (September – October), also celebrates the world’s creation.

The Jewish New Year celebration has little in common with the secular celebration of New Years Day in January. The traditions and rituals of Rosh Hashanah are not associated with partying, fireworks, or football games, rather they are devised to encourage contemplation, reflection, and self-evaluation. They reinforce the notion of our responsibility for our life, our conduct and our actions.

The most popular symbols of Rosh Hashanah are the Shofar, the ram’s horn that is blown as part of prayer services, and the apple dipped in honey, which represents the prayer for a sweet new year.

MazorBooks Fun at Grandma Sadie’s: A Rosh Hashanah Story introduces kids to this important Jewish Holiday.
Purchase a copy for your beloved child on


Also available from
The Seven Days of Creation
Based on Biblical Texts

Available in print
and in digital formats

Review: The Clever Dreidel’s Chanukah Wishes


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Cover-New500Perhaps it’s a bit early, as Chanukah (Hanukkah) is still months away and the first light of the menorah will only be lit on the eve of December 25, this year – but perhaps not. Is it ever too early to teach kids the value of gratitude and compassion?

The Jewish Book Council just published the following review of The Clever Dreidel’s Chanukah Wishes by Christine Maasdam.

The Clever Dreidel’s Chanukah Wishes by Sarah Mazor | Jewish Book Council

Mazor uses a clever dreidel to present thoughtful Chanukah rhymes, asking us to include every child in our Chanukah wishes. This clever dreidel reminds us to not take our basic comforts for granted. Each night’s candle lighting blessing graciously reminds young readers to wish that all children should be fortunate, have safe homes, warm beds, good food, cozy clothes and stable health. An appreciation of what they have is gently layered into the rhymes, creating an awareness and a meaningful opportunity for interaction with young children. The clever dreidel’s goal is to instill the wishes of love, peace, hope and bright futures for the children of our world.

Delightful illustrations by Biswas are engaging and purposeful, directly linking the artwork to each wish. The positioning of the candle lighting on the chanukiyah is illustrated on the corners of each page, providing easy instruction in candle lighting.

This book would be a welcome addition to early childhood and elementary school libraries and classrooms as source material for Chanukah and for furthering the discussion of mitzvot as well as for home reading.

The Clever Dreidel’s Chanukah Wishes by Sarah Mazor, illustrated by Mary Kusumkali Biswas is available in digital and print versions on Amazon.
For your copy click:


Review for the New Interactive Guide to the Hebrew Alphabet (For English Speaking Kids 6 and up)


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ABC-CB-Cover15005.0 out of 5 stars A must read for children and their families!, July 17, 2016
By Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: The Hebrew Alphabet: Read, Write & Color (A Taste of Hebrew for English Speaking Kids.) (Kindle Edition)
Are you looking for a captivating, educational book about the Hebrew alphabet? You’ll be happy to know Sarah Mazor has created just what you’ll love. Not only will you learn facts like there are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet, but also how to pronounce each letter, plus popular boys’ and girls’ names starting with each letter. Many other facts are included as well. For example, you’ll learn which Israeli cities start with each letter and some history about each of those places. I loved this book and learned so much from it. You and your family is sure to feel the same about it.
I highly recommend this wonderful book.
Reviewed by children’s author, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

New Release of an Interactive Guide to the Hebrew Alphabet


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MazorBooks is delighted to announce its new release in the ‘A Taste of Hebrew’ series for English-speaking Kids

There are important benefits to exposing your children to more than one language. Research shows that multilingual-kids are better at, among other things, learning, planning, problem-solving and self-control.

By introducing your children to Hebrew, not only will you enhance their cognitive and behavioral development but also provide them
(and you) with a lifelong connection to the Bible and to Israel.

The Hebrew Alphabet: Read, Write and Color is a wonderful introduction to the names and sounds of the twenty-two letters of the aleph-bet. This entertaining, informative and interactive book familiarizes children with both the print and the cursive forms of the
Hebrew alphabet, each letter’s numerical value, over eighty Hebrew vocabulary words and much, much more.

The Hebrew Alphabet: Read, Write and Color is another installment in the ‘A Taste of Hebrew for English Speaking Kids’ MazorBooks series. This more advanced edition is recommended for children ages 6 to 11.

Review by The Jewish Book Council: Colors in Hebrew – A Rainbow Tale


Colors In Hebrew: A Rainbow Tale: A Story in Rhyme For English Speaking Kids

Sarah Mazor; Benny Rahdiana, illus.

Mazor Books,  2014
40 Pages    $12.99
ISBN: 978-1499761511

amazon indiebound

Review by Debbie Feder

This book is part of a series called A Taste of Hebrew published by Mazor Books. The series includes books on Hebrew letters and numbers, as well. This time, the reader is invited to follow a traveling rainbow to Israel in order to learn the names of the colors in Hebrew along with two children named Ami and Tami. The text rhymes successfully and rhythmically which is not always achieved in children’s books of this kind. The illustrations are bright, cheerful and are filled with deep colors which seem to saturate the page. This creates an overall tone which is upbeat, young, and fun and which will attract young readers. On the whole, the book is age-appropriate and…

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