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In the fourth in the ‘A Taste of Hebrew’ series for English-speaking kids, Animals in Hebrew: A Day at the Zoo Ami and Tami visit a zoo and learn the Hebrew names for animals. Each one of the animals that is introduced in this lovely book is illustrated beautifully and appears with its English and Hebrew monikers and a little story in rhymes that describes its specific characteristics.
Every page also presents the names of the animals in Hebrew letters and English transliteration, along with pronunciation help when necessary. (A transliteration guide is also included at the beginning of the book.)
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3. Colors in Hebrew –
4. Animals in Hebrew –
5. Fruits in Hebrew –

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New Release: When I Grow Up – Book 2


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Grow2-CoverrREV500When I Grow Up: Book 2 (Smart Kids Bright Future): Michali Mazor, Sarah Mazor, Kathleen S Mallari: 9781544756776: Books

At age 15 (2013), Michali Mazor, a multi-talented teenager, penned her first children’s book, “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up”. In it, Michali shared memories of childhood musings about possible future occupation, as she dreamed about perhaps becoming an attorney, a city’s mayor, a princess, or a dressmaker among other things. She also reminded kids that it was wonderful to dream and hope so long as they also recognize the beauty of who they were and appreciate their childhood self.

The impetus for writing her first book was her love for kids and commitment to guiding and teaching them, a love that was already evident cover1500in her early teens. During summer vacations Michali worked with young children as their counselor in local day camps and during the school years, she mentored kids in lower grades. Those experiences solidified her resolve to pursue a career in education.

Michali’s first book, What I Want to Be When I Grow Up has been extremely well received and continues to delight many a child. Heeding the request of the children who read her book, Michali wrote a sequel in which the protagonist is Joey, a little boy who has his own dreams about the future.

Check out Michali’s newest picture book, What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Book 2 –  click the following link.  You can download a free Kindle copy of the book on Sunday, March 26th (starting around 4 am EDT).  When I Grow Up: Book 2


Bring a smile to your children’s faces and encourage them to set their imagination loose.

Download both Book 1 & Book 2 / Two in One – have them read both books and have double the fun.
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The Benefits of Multi-Lingualism


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The Sooner You Expose A Baby To A Second Language, The Smarter They’ll Be

Expose your child to another language and give him or her a leg up, cognitively, socially and more.

More and more studies show that babies raised in bilingual environments or exposed to more than one language develop core cognitive skills like decision-making and problem-solving faster than other kids —  and often even before they even speak.

MazorBooks has a growing library of Hebrew for English Speaking Kids
Check these books out:

FIVE “Taste of Hebrew” books available in PRINT and KINDLE:
1. Hebrew Alphabet –
2. Count in Hebrew –
3. Colors in Hebrew –
4. Animals in Hebrew –
5. Fruits in Hebrew –
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Mazor Books also offers two workbooks – teaching the Hebrew Alphabet:
Color the Alef-Bet (ages 3-6)

and  The Hebrew Alphabet: Read, Write & Color (ages 6 & up)

Here is a link to more information about Muli_Lingualism

Happy Reading!

The Passover Story in Pictures and Rhyme


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The Passover Story recounts historical events in ancient Egypt, starting with the harsh slavery conditions of descendants of Jacob (son of Isaac, son of Abraham) and of and Moses’ first attempt to secure his people’s freedom to the Israelite’s eventual redemption – all in lovely rhymes and beautiful illustrations


(Reblogged from 2014)
Passover, “Pesach” in Hebrew, is the first of the three major festivals with both historical and agricultural significance (Shavuot and Sukkot, being the other two).

On Passover, Jews everywhere celebrate the redemption of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, over 3800 years ago.

Moses, the leader of the Israelites, was commanded by God to demand of Pharaoh, the Egyptian ruler, to let the Jewish people go. Pharaoh was not keen on the idea. Eventually, the Jews of Egypt escaped Pharaoh and slavery in the most spectacular fashion.

Passover observances involve the eating of the Matzah (unleavened bread) and the celebration of the Seder. The Matzah eaten on Passover is made of flour and water and without yeast and is baked quickly. It commemorates the hasty departure of the Jews from Egypt, which did not allow time for lengthy preparation and rising doughs. And during the Seder the story of the exodus in told and retold in detail.

The picture book, The Passover Story, tells the story of the Jews of ancient Egypt and their escape from slavery in lovely rhymes accompanied by gorgeous illustrations.

Available both in digital and print format at Amazon
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King Solomon and the Bee – New Release


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King Solomon and the Bee

Now available in print!
King Solomon and the Bee retells the charming story of an encounter between the legendary King of Israel, Solomon the Wise, and a little bee he teaches the powerful king to refrain from judging others based on how they look.

Enrich your child’s library with another MazorBooks volume, which will entertain your kid while it also teaches valuable life lessons.

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New Release: A New Grandma Sadie Story!


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Grandma Sadie is beloved by the children of the town of Paldore. They visit her as often as the can because it’s just so much fun!

Grandma Sadie has first been introduced some time ago when she explained the concept of Rosh Hashana to her favorite kids.  Check out MazorBooks’ Fun at Grandma Sadie’s: A Rosh Hashanah Story.

And she’s Back!

Grandma Sadie entertains the kids once again, as is her fashion. This time with the story of KING SOLOMON AND THE BEE.

kingbee-500The legendary King Solomon of the Ancient Israelites was well known for his wisdom and incredible talents. Among many other things, he was famous for was his ability to communicate with animals and insects.

This brand new installment of the Grandma Sadie Story tells the tale of a little bee who taught the wisest and greatest of kings an important lesson.

The Kindle version (formatted for full Kindle screen display) of KING SOLOMON and the BEE is already available for purchase. The print version is coming soon!.


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More Grandma Sadie Stories Coming Soon!


Purim in Pictures and Words!


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PurimColorCoverFront-new1000.jpgPurim in Pictures and Words and Pictures recounts in detail the extraordinary story of the miraculous reversal of fortune of Persian Jewry in the days of Xerxes I, the emperor who is more widely known as King Achashverosh.
The story begins with King Achashverosh’s grandiose party and ends with Mordechai’s appointment as the Persian king’s top minister. The complicated story involves a beauty contest, servants conspiring to kill the king, and an evil plot by an evil man to eliminate the Jewish people. This informative coloring book, which is based on the text of Megillat Esther (the Scroll of Esther), also includes an overview of the main customs and traditions associated with the celebration of the holiday.

Recommended for children between the ages of 6-11. Enjoy!

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FREE: Learn the Hebrew names for fruits!


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Free – January 13, 2017
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Fruits in Hebrew: At Old Country Grove (click image)

fruit-cover500Fruits in Hebrew At Old Country Grove is the fifth volume in
MazorBooks “A Taste of Hebrew” for English speaking kids series.

In this installment, Ami and Tami, the adorable twins, accompany Grandma Ruth on a trip to the fruity-licious fair at Old Country Grove.

Colorful illustrations engage children in the story of the twins as well as teach young readers the Hebrew names for fruit, which appear in Hebrew, in English translation, and in English transliteration.

“A Taste of Hebrew” is a wonderfully entertaining and educational series that introduces children to basic Hebrew.

Individual books are available in PRINT and KINDLE on Amazon:

1. Hebrew Alphabet –
2. Count in Hebrew –
3. Colors in Hebrew –
4. Animals in Hebrew –
5. Fruits in Hebrew –