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rhcover1000Rosh Hashanah, literally “head of the year”, is the Jewish New Year and one of the Jewish people’s holiest of days. Rosh Hashanah, which occurs on the first and second days of the Hebrew month of Tishrei (September – October), also celebrates the world’s creation.

The Jewish New Year celebration has little in common with the secular celebration of New Years Day in January. The traditions and rituals of Rosh Hashanah are not associated with partying, fireworks, or football games, rather they are devised to encourage contemplation, reflection, and self-evaluation. They reinforce the notion of our responsibility for our life, our conduct and our actions.

The most popular symbols of Rosh Hashanah are the Shofar, the ram’s horn that is blown as part of prayer services, and the apple dipped in honey, which represents the prayer for a sweet new year.

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