Boost Children’s Self-Esteem

Psychological studies continue to validate what we intuitively already know: Reinforcing ourselves and reminding ourselves that we CAN help us cope with challenging situations. A recent Carnegie Mellon University research effort confirms that self-affirmation protects against the damaging effects of stress and enhances problem solving abilities (Creswell et al., 2013). The need for building one’s self-esteem and self-confidence does not begin in adulthood.  It is important to promote these attributes as well as a positive attitude toward the self during the early years of life, and begin enjoying their life-long rewards from childhood and on.

MazorBooks believes in the power of a positive perspective and in a continued effort to instill this value in all children.  MazorBooks authors urge parents and guardians to incorporate “positive speak” in their children’s lives. 

In line with the MazorBooks mission, which is primarily to promote intellectual, emotional and physical well-being in children, teens, and their families, it is delighted to present it’s first two books aimed at promoting children’s self-confidence and self esteem:

Positive Affirmations for Little Boys: The ABC Book of Rhymes
Positive Affirmations for Little Girls: The ABC Book of Rhymes



Sample Pages:
Enhance your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Have them read or read to them the 26 (based on ABC) Positive Affirmations for little Boys (Boys’ edition) and Girls (Girls’ edition)

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