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It is very likely that I’m preaching to the choir, but sometimes it’s important to be reminded why we do what we do.

When my kids were little, reading books to and with them was a daily activity, one we enjoyed tremendously. Witnessing their delight in learning new things, their surprise and their pleasure at new discoveries, and their inevitable growing enchantment with words was a reward in itself.

But much more was gained.

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Bonding through reading

Exposure to books enriched their lives. They learned about places and cultures. They learned about people. They learned a lot about what excites and what interests them. They gained knowledge, they acquired a fabulous vocabulary, and a multitude of other valuable skills. Clearly, their early and ongoing exposure to books contributed much to the young adults, they are today: Intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, compassionate, and curious. Always curious to know more, to understand better, to grow and to develop.

Truth be told, I don’t recall entertaining altruistic intentions regarding the advantages I gifted my kids. Reading to and with them was simply a beloved activity that stemmed from my obsession with books and the joy I derived from interacting with my children. Reading bonded and connected us more. It served as stimuli for discussion and expression. I truly enjoyed observing them and I marveled as they grew and developed. I was privileged thus to get to know them. But better yet, they got to know themselves.

Stepping back and seeing the larger picture, one cannot but acknowledge the incredible impact reading has on the young, on their development, and on their lives as adults:

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Reading enriches vocabulary.
  2. Reading teaches grammar and proper sentence structure
  3. Reading engenders thought and analysis
  4. Reading promotes articulation
  5. Reading enhances concentration and focus
  6. Reading opens up worlds far away
  7. Reading invigorates the mind
  8. Reading kindles the imagination
  9. Reading arouses curiosity and a thirst for knowledge
  10. Reading exposes different opinions and ways of seeing the world
  11. Reading opens minds and enables the acceptance of the other
  12. Reading promotes compassion
  13. Reading provokes empathy
  14. And yes, reading is a key to success in school and beyond

There’s more. Much more. And you are invited to add to the list in the comments below.

Finally, the most impactful of all, I believe, is the effect reading has on making choices. The choices my children and their well-read friends made as teens and continue to make as young adults are choices of the informed and the caring; are choices of people with a vision and a hope for an interesting, productive, and fulfilling tomorrow.

Read to and with your children.
It is without question one of the best gifts you can give them.

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