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MazorBooks is delighted to announce its new release in the ‘A Taste of Hebrew’ series for English-speaking Kids

There are important benefits to exposing your children to more than one language. Research shows that multilingual-kids are better at, among other things, learning, planning, problem-solving and self-control.

By introducing your children to Hebrew, not only will you enhance their cognitive and behavioral development but also provide them
(and you) with a lifelong connection to the Bible and to Israel.

The Hebrew Alphabet: Read, Write and Color is a wonderful introduction to the names and sounds of the twenty-two letters of the aleph-bet. This entertaining, informative and interactive book familiarizes children with both the print and the cursive forms of the
Hebrew alphabet, each letter’s numerical value, over eighty Hebrew vocabulary words and much, much more.

The Hebrew Alphabet: Read, Write and Color is another installment in the ‘A Taste of Hebrew for English Speaking Kids’ MazorBooks series. This more advanced edition is recommended for children ages 6 to 11.