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Colors In Hebrew: A Rainbow Tale: A Story in Rhyme For English Speaking Kids

Sarah Mazor; Benny Rahdiana, illus.

Mazor Books,  2014
40 Pages    $12.99
ISBN: 978-1499761511

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Review by Debbie Feder

This book is part of a series called A Taste of Hebrew published by Mazor Books. The series includes books on Hebrew letters and numbers, as well. This time, the reader is invited to follow a traveling rainbow to Israel in order to learn the names of the colors in Hebrew along with two children named Ami and Tami. The text rhymes successfully and rhythmically which is not always achieved in children’s books of this kind. The illustrations are bright, cheerful and are filled with deep colors which seem to saturate the page. This creates an overall tone which is upbeat, young, and fun and which will attract young readers. On the whole, the book is age-appropriate and appealing. There is some useful material in the back which will be helpful for families in learning and teaching the Hebrew words including some grammar tips, charts with the masculine and feminine forms of the colors, and some additional bonus words which are related to the themes in the book. Throughout the book, the Hebrew words are transliterated into English and shown in Hebrew, as well. There is also a pronunciation guide for parents. Children will enjoy this happy frolic with the rainbow as they learn the names of colors in Hebrew.

Recommended for ages 3-8.

Learn the names of Colors in Hebrew!!!!


Available on Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/HebColors