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Happy_cover500What Makes You Happy?
(A Sept 2004 Re-Blog)

What is happiness? Happiness is an emotional and mental state of well-being that promotes positive energy and contributes to feeling comfortable in one’s skin.  It engenders and promotes  one’s self-worth as well as one’s self-confidence.

Being happy is a state of being that is achievable by everyone, as it depends on the one’s choices and behaviors. Even when things are complicated in life and stresses weigh one down, it is possible to change one’s mood by doing things that bring a smile onto one’s face or by thinking happy thoughts.

Why pursue the feeling of happiness and how does feeling happy help our kids?  The feelings of happiness not only improve the present but have a tremendous impact on the future. Happy children do better socially and academically and generally also feel better about themselves.

Happy children = happier home life for all!

Play The Happy Game with your kids – and see them smile!
Read Things that Make Me Happy to or with your children and infuse happiness into their lives.

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