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MazorBooks, a promoter of literacy, encourages parents and all children’s caregivers to read to and with children from a very young age; the earlier the better. In addition to publishing Children’s Books with Good Values, MazorBooks periodically offers its digital publication on Amazon at no charge.

Little Rose Learns to Count by Mark Eichler presents a lovely and enjoyable way for children to learn to count from one to ten with the help of simple rhymes and colorful illustrations.

Little Rose Learns to Count is available in:
– Print Version http://tinyurl.com/LittleRosePrint
– Digital Version http://tinyurl.com/q9ftoxy

Little rose comes home from preschool all upset. Her friend Melanie can count to ten, but Rose cannot. Rose’s mother remedies the situation by teaching Little Rose how to count. She teaches Little Rose the numbers by singing a little song she remembers from her childhood. The song consists of a series of easy rhymes, beginning with “One little rabbit in a hole, two firemen on a pole.”

The numbers from one to ten are accompanied by fun and colorful illustrations, which kids and their parents are sure to love. (The ditty can be sung to the tune of many popular melodies, such as ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ or ‘happy birthday to you’ or ‘the wheels on the bus’.)

Little Rose Learns to Count is also available in print format.
Click here for digital format (FREE on December 28th, 2014)
Click here for the print version