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Zoo-cover500MazorBooks is delighted to announce its latest installment in the “A Taste of Hebrew for English Speaking Kids.”

Animals in Hebrew: A Day at the Zoo, written by Sarah Mazor and illustrated by Benny Rahdiana.

Animals in Hebrew: A Day at the Zoo features the Taste of Hebrew regulars, Ami and Tami, the adorable twins. The cute twosome visit a zoo and learn the Hebrew names for animals.

Each one of the animals that is introduced in this lovely book is beautifully illustrated and appears with its English and Hebrew monikers and a little story in rhymes that describes its specific characteristics. Every page also presents the names of the animals in Hebrew letters and English transliteration along with pronunciation help when necessary. (A transliteration guide is also included at the beginning of the book.)

Concluding this fabulous addition to the “A Taste of Hebrew” series are charts in which all the animals that are mentioned in the book are listed (and illustrated) in the order of appearance in the story, in both English and in Hebrew.
– Print version coming soon

Digital version available on Amazon.com for $2.99
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Animals in Hebrew: A Day at the Zoo