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Everyone I know and, I doubt not, all people you know recognize that reading is a skill that must be mastered in order to succeed, no matter the venture undertaken.  But why start early? Should we not let kids be kids a bit longer?

There are lots of reasons, and here are the first that come to mind:

– Reading to and with kids is a bonding experience.
– Reading expands the vocabulary.
– Reading improves one’s grammar.
– Reading advances writing skills.
– Reading enhances ability to construct sentences properly.
– Reading promotes better comprehension.
– Reading more often makes one better at reading.
– Reading early impacts later academic success.
– Reading makes the world safer for kids. The earlier kids read the earlier they can understand labels and signs such as “stop”, “danger”, “no entry”, “poison”, and more.
– Reading expands horizons.
– Reading is entertaining.
– Reading enhances the imagination.
– Reading makes one smarter.  This is proven by scientific research.
– Reading allows journeys into the past.
– Reading opens up worlds that are different and exotic.
– Reading increases knowledge and understanding of others.
– Reading encourages creativity.
– Reading enhances self-confidence.
– Reading is free!  Once mastered it is for keeps 🙂

There are lots more benefits to reading and why children should be introduced to the wonderful world of words early, the earlier the better.  Please feel free to add to the list.

Express your love for your child.  Read to and read with him or her.
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