Fabulous children’s Author, Janice Spina’s interview with Deanie Humphrys Dunne, the inspiring author of her autobiographical “Tails of Sweetbrier”.


Cover for Charlene the Starcover for deanieHattie in jpegTails New Cover Small

It is the greatest pleasure to have here today my dear friend, Deanie H. Dunne, who is a very talented author of children’s books.  Deanie has stopped by before and visited with me and my readers. 

1.     Tell us what new book or projects you have.

First of all, thank you so much for inviting me back to chat with you. I love spending time with you. At the present time, my sister/illustrator, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj, is working on illustrations for our new book. She just finished the cover for Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. It’s the third in our series of Charlene the Star books and this time lots of exciting things happen to Charlene and her friends. We are also planning to have the second edition of Charlie the Horse published in paperback very soon.  

2.     You were recently interviewed on two radio shows.  Please…

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