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HebCounting-Cover1500Counting in Hebrew for English Speaking Kids is the second in the series of ‘A Taste of Hebrew for Kids’ in the MazorBooks Smart Kids Bright Future Children’s Books collection.

Did you know that bilingual children are better at problem solving? This is one of many reasons for exposing your children to more than one language. Multilingual kids have also been found to be better at learning, planning and self-control.

Counting in Hebrew Picture Book for English Speaking Kids is a beautifully illustrated book that teaches kids to count in Hebrew from one to ten. The book includes the numbers written in Hebrew and in English as well as English transliteration of the Hebrew numbers and all the Hebrew words appearing in this volume. In addition to learning the numbers, kids will have the opportunity to enhance their Hebrew vocabulary with words such as abba and imma (father and mother) and many others.

Counting in Hebrew for English Speaking Kids provides charts at the end of the book that list the Hebrew cardinal numbers from one to ten (1,2,3…) and the Hebrew ordinal numbers form one to ten (1st, 2nd, 3rd…). The book also includes a list of all the Hebrew words used in both their singular and plural versions with English transliteration and translation.

Sample pages:

The Hebrew Alphabet Book of Rhymes for English Speaking kids is available in eBook format as well as in paperback.
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Learning the Hebrew Alphabet and Hebrew numbers and understanding and speaking some Hebrew will enhance your connection to the Land of Israel and the Bible.