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ImageStudies show that healthy eating habits established in childhood have a great impact on adult eating patterns. Portion control is one of the most important aspects of eating right. Another is eating food that is rich with vitamins, which promote children’s healthy growth.  Vitamin consumption through natural sources is most always preferred to supplements. That is why learning about the foods that contribute necessary vitamins for growth and maintenance of health, is imperative.

Granted, enticing kids to learn about vitamins and healthy eating habits may not be all that easy. Perhaps modeling these behaviors (very helpful) may be the only way some parents impart this important information.  But now you can teach your sons and daughters about the importance of vitamins and healthy eating habits in a fun, joyous and painless fashion that will delight you and your children. You can do just that with the help of Yael Rosenberg’s fun book, Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun? – a wonderful way for kids to absorb information about the thirteen vitamins from A to K, their best food sources, and the benefits they provide.

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