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An Anti-Bullying Book with Strong Message

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“A Bully in Monkeyville” – An Anti-Bullying Kid Book!
Brenda Perlin, an Amazon Verified Purchaser
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There was nothing that I didn’t LOVE about “A Bully In Monkeyville.” The story was so touching when I read it out loud it filled me with tears of joy. The writing was smooth and clever and yet so sweet. It perfectly made it’s point. It was like poetry for children but with a very big message. Every child should read this book and I know every parent will fall in love with this story too. I believe children will find this book entertaining while learning a valuable message. Bullying is a very relevant subject and in this book it is being shared in a beautiful way. And let’s not forget the wonderful colorful illustrations. Perfection. I would highly recommend “A Bully In Monkeyville.” Even though I do not have children I feel blessed to have read this lovely tale.

Very impressive!! Even more learning that this story was written by 16-year-old Ari. This was one of the nicest children’s book that I have read.