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ImageMazorBooks is delighted to announce it’s new eBook release of Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes

— Entertain and Educate your Curious Child! — 
The Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes boasts of gorgeous images along with cute and fun rhymes that feature a variety of modes of transportation and the letter in the alphabet that they represent. This children’s rhyming picture book is appropriate for reading to preschool kids and for middle childhood aged children who can read themselves. This book is an excellent addition to children’s libraries, whether they are home schooled or attend traditional educational institutions. 

Modes of transportation in the modern world are for the most part efficient, fast, and reliable. But to this day versions of transportation apparatuses that are powered by human and animal energy, still serve humanity. In this Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes the past and the present intermingle. From the Camel to the Ute, from the Stage Coach to the X’trapolis, from the Ornithopter to the Airplane, and from Zip Lines to Mountains Bikes, you’ll find them all here. 

A bonus section is included in the back of the Kindle edition contains a bit of history and trivia about each of the featured transportation apparatus.

Print/paperback edition to be released within 14 days. (Information about each means of transport in the print version is adjacent to the image, unlike the KINDLE edition, which presents the same text in the back of the book.
Sample pages from Print Version (click on image to enlarge):


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Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes