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BigLieCover1500Kids lie.  This is a given, especially at a young age.  But unlike adults, when little children lie, there usually is no maliciousness involved nor an intent to deceive.   After all, childhood is the age of invisible friends and pretend games.

Harsh punishment or any punishment at all at a young age is not the proper and constructive way to deal with lying.  Yet, it is important to make children aware that lying is wrong and to begin impressing upon them early on that telling lies is a bad habit, one that should be avoided.

One excellent form of teaching is through stories like Little Rose’s Big Lie.  This lovely book tells the story of Little Rose who wanted a bit of the delicious chocolate cake Mommy made just for her. Little  Rose did not have the patience to wait even though Mommy said the cake was for later. When Mommy wasn’t looking Little Rose took a big bit and then tried to hide her misdeed. But eating the cake did not make Little Rose happy. She felt so bad about lying and the joy of eating the cake was gone. Instead Little Rose was sorry and sad. Did Little Rose tell Mommy about her lie? What did Mommy say? Read the book and find out.

Kids are confronted with choices from very early on and it is important to teach them to choose right from wrong. Reading with or to little children is an excellent way to promote reading skills and at the same time foster good habits and behaviors. Little Rose’s story is one that espouses the value of honesty. Told in cute rhymes that are accompanied by adorable images, this book will no doubt entertain your kids while it teaches them an important lesson.

Shani Eichler, the sixteen-year-old author of this lovely book, is the second of six children. She hopes to entertain little kids everywhere with her stories, same as she does her little siblings.

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