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BigLieCover1500MazorBooks is delighted to announce that Little Rose’s Big Lie is now also available in print.

A bit about Little Rose’s Big Lie: Little Rose wanted a bit of the delicious chocolate cake Mommy made just for her and did not have the patience to wait even though Mommy said the cake was for later. Little Rose took a big bite when Mommy wasn’t looking and tried to hide her misdeed. Get the book and find out about the consequences!

A bit about the AuthorAt MazorBooks we love to encourage YOUNG TALENT.
Shani Eichler is only 16 years old. A junior in high school who engages in many activities other than school work, including: Writing, dancing, and volunteering as a FIRST RESPONDER in her neighborhood’s local AMBULANCE Service. Shani has successfully trained and passed exams to earn certification in intensive care paramedics!

Shani is the second of six children in her family and the oldest girl so she has a lot of experience taking care of children. She is an avid reader, skilled artist and an aspiring author. Shani plans to go to medical school and become a doctor, but perhaps not a pediatrician: Too many runny noses and sore throats!
– Shani is a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy and House M.D.

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