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cropped-hebrew-alphabet-cover-fb-modification13.jpgThe major toy outlets provide lists these days that advise shoppers of the “hottest toy lists” and “must haves” for the kids in your gifting list.  But few of the toys marketed for kids have inherent values that will help them develop or enhance their social skills.  The Toys R Us’ toys that top year’s suggestions is the “Despicable Me” talking figure, for which they charge between $60 and $70!  This toy should be rejected, if only for its name.  What kind of message does it relay to kids?  Another popular toy choice, the $80 “First Talking Vanity”, encourages little girls to make themselves pretty. Sad and destructive, for its message is that the little girls are not good enough just the way they are!  And the third on the store’s top toy list is the $30 “The Ugglys” from the “Gross Electronic Pup-Pet”!  And we wonder why so many kids today behave as they do, with no respect for self or for others.

Do the kids in your life a kindness and do not indulge their demand for the most popular toys.  Those  will be discarded in no time and leave behind nothing but credit card bills.  Instead, treat the kids you care for with true love, one that considers what is good for them. Rather than expensive toys lacking in value and worth, purchase books with good values, digital or print, and you will be contributing to the kids’ intellectual and emotional well-being.  Read with them or to them and you will also promote their chances for developing into responsible, productive, successful and fulfilled individuals.

If you do have a larger budget, you may consider the KINDLE, which comes in many sizes and prices, from $69 to over $200 (http://tinyurl.com/lxc7282).

List of appropriate books are easily found on Amazon.com and other online books stores.  MazorBooks invites you to peruse their list of Children’s Books with Good Values.  Please visit http://www.MazorBooks.com/amazon.htm.

Favorite books that enhance children’s (and adults’) self-esteem and self-confidence (Available in print and in digital form):
Positive Affirmations for Little Boys     Positive Affirmations for Little Girls

Happy Holidays!