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DucksCover500I Want to Pet the Ducks: Abey Goes to Washington
by Mark Eichler

American kids do not know much about their country’s history, according to national tests.  America’s story has been unfolding for less than 240 years, not a very long period in the scheme of things.  Yet ignorance of American history amongst the youth prevails.  Perhaps schools could and should do better, but I submit that parents too can enrich the knowledge base of their kids by choosing the right books! And it’s never too early.

In his new book, I Want to Pet the Ducks: Abey Goes to Washington, Mark Eichler provides the opportunity for kids to travel with Abey to the National Mall in Washington D.C.   I Want to Pet the Ducks: Abey Goes to Washington is the story of a family road trip in which important national sites are introduced to the young reader, including Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial and at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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Parents and caregivers: This is a beautiful illustrated book, with the national sites accurately depicted (Illustrations by Clarisa Adonay). Your children will fall in love with Abey and enjoy his adventures as they learn about America’s past. This book is appropriate for kids between the ages of four and eight.

For your copy of this magnificently illustrated children’s book please visit Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/petducks

Post written by Sarah Mazor