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DucksCover500I Want to Pet the Ducks: Abey Goes to Washington
by Mark Eichler

The national observance of Veterans Day reminds me of my father’s objection to the annual Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays. My father, Of Blessed Memory, claimed that all children (once they acquire the ability to reason), regardless of their age, should celebrate mothers and fathers every day. He argued that the awareness of the gift of parental love and caring should not be limited to just one day a year.

Similarly, I submit that in every single day of every year veterans should be respected, loved, appreciated and honored for their contribution to our country and to our lives.

Yet, just as we marked the annual appointed day for the celebration of parents despite my father’s objection (and he liked it!), we at MazorBooks stand up today on Veterans Day and salute our brave and dedicated countrymen and women for their service, their sacrifice and their devotion to the people of the United States and the values of our great country.

In honor of Veterans day, MazorBooks is releasing its newest children’s book by Mark Eichler, I Want to Pet the Ducks: Abey Goes to Washington. It is the story of a family road trip to the National Mall in Washington D.C., in which tribute is given to our fallen soldiers at the WWII Memorial and at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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Parents and caregivers: This is a beautiful illustrated book, with the national sites accurately depicted (Illustrations by Clarisa Adonay). Your children will fall in love with Abey and enjoy his adventures as they learn about American history and America’s treasured memorials. This book is appropriate for kids between the ages of four and eight.

For your copy of this magnificently illustrated children’s book please visit Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/petducks

Post written by Sarah Mazor