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ABCcover2-200The author of Oh No! There Are Monsters in my Room, Mark Eichler, is offering his first book,  The ABC Book of Rhymes, free of charge today, November 3rd, 2013.

The ABC Book of Rhymes for kids is
a fun way for kids to learn their ABCs and engage the parents too!

Images of animals, plants, and other objects appear next to a letter of the alphabet. Every letter pair is also coupled with a cute rhyme. For example, Aa is for APPLE, red, green and yellow; Bb is for BUTTERFLY, what a wonderful fellow – and so on 🙂 The ABC book of Rhymes is a wonderfully imaginative children’s book that will fuel the imagination and prompt creativity in the special children in your life. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends of the family can engage the kids in an educational but fun activity, coming up with new words and rhymes for letter pairs. (Example: A is for AIRPLANE, flying high as a cloud. B is for BABY, soft, cuddly and loud.)

Mark Eichler has already published three other books in addition to The ABC Book of Rhymes, available on Amazon.com

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Oh No! There Are Monsters in My Room
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Little Rose Learns to Count 

Get your FREE Copy of the The ABC Book of Rhymes on Amazon Today!