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Print Edition Will also be available on AMAZON by next week.
A Kindle Edition of Who Knew Vitamins Could be Fun is available now for $2.99, just click http://tinyurl.com/NurseLivWell

The children’s book Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun, by Yael Rosenberg, RN, utilizes gorgeous illustrations and fun rhymes, which make learning about healthy and good nutrition easy and enjoyable. We invite your kids to join Nurse Liv Welle as she teaches a class of first graders a lot about vitamins, their benefit to one’s health, and the vitamins’ food sources. The subject is presented to the children in a fun way, as Nurse Liv Welle engages the first grade students in the learning experience. Your kids will surely enjoy the fun, as they rhyme along and learn about vitamins from A to K.

Yael Rosenberg has been involved in the Medical Field since her graduation from Beth Israel Nursing School in New York. Yael who also earned a degree in Health Administration is a dedicated health practitioner and consummate professional who has been involved in the healing arts for over 25 years. Her care has been extended to people of all ages and cultures.

During her career in nursing, Yael specialized in Pediatric Nursing, and Geriatric Nursing, working in New York hospitals as well as in the home care industry. Yael held top positions supervising administrative and field operations in home care.

Yael has also ventured outside the realm of conventional medicine, and embarked on a healing path utilizing alternative and complementary healing methods. Teaching adults and children the importance of good nutrition, exercise and other preventative practices, Yael continues to promote the maintenance of health and wellness.

Recognizing the importance of education and the impact of knowledge on life choices, Yael decided to branch out and pen children’s books that focus on teaching children (and parents) healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Yael Rosenberg’s “Who Knew Vitamins Could be Fun”
Print Edition Will also be available on AMAZON by next week
Kindle Edition available now —http://tinyurl.com/NurseLivWell

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