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ImageA Bully in Monkeyville – by Ari Mazor, an Anti-Bullying children’s book will be offered for FREE (kindle edition) on Tuesday, Oct 29th – in support of October 2013 – the Anti-Bullying month.  Download A Bully in Monkeyville and read it to your kids! This book may help you initiate a conversation about bullying, and provide you with the opportunity to teach children of all ages about the problem of bullying and explain to them that bullying often involves physical and/or verbal abuse, and that everyone must not stand by nor keep silent: Bullies and bullying incidents must be stopped and reported.

A Bully in Monkeyville – tells the story of Fred the Monkey who is bullied by a new kid in town. Fred suffers the bullying but is keeping it a SECRET!  This is a great and entertaining, anti-bullying story in which Fred, with the help of his friends, confronts the bully and things work out. This book must read for all kids, for it deals with an important factor in the effort to bring bullying to a stop.

Many children think that ‘ratting’ or ‘snitching’ on other kids is the worst of crimes, and often do not tell of bullying incidents for they feel obligated to abide by a kid ‘code of honor.’ Children must be taught that telling on bullies is not SNITCHING, and that when they inform on bullies or bullying activities they do the honorable thing, the RIGHT THING that may save lives!

FREE promotion of A Bully in Monkeyville begins after 12 mid-night PACIFIC time (about half past 3 am – Eastern time)

——  Click Below to get A Bully in Monkeyville FREE of charge.  Download to Kindle or any mobile device.  http://tinyurl.com/mfenrq5