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RickyRaccoonRicky The Rambunctious Raccoon
By Janice Spina (author) and John Spina (Illustrator)

[Book Description by author: Ricky is a rambunctious or very active raccoon who likes to wander around to find something new to eat. One night during his foraging for food Ricky runs into all kinds of trouble. Will Ricky get home safely? Will he learn his lesson to listen to his mother?.]

MazorBooks Reviewer:
The mystery of the world beyond beckons Ricky the raccoon, who by nature is rambunctious and high-spirited. One night, in his excitement to go hunting for delicious treats, Ricky ignores his mother’s calls and wanders off by himself, unsupervised. Ricky’s adventure does not go as planned as he meets with trouble. What kind of trouble did Ricky get himself into? Did he find his way home back to his mother? And, most importantly, did Ricky learn his lesson?

In Ricky the Rambunctious Raccoon, author Janice Spina skillfully describes Ricky’s escapade and, cognizant of her audience’s age, manages not to scare but rather to entertain her readers while at the same drive home the important lesson that it is dangerous to wander off without parental supervision.

The Spina Team, Janice the author and John the illustrator, has done it again. When buying this lovely and entertaining book, be sure to pick up your copy of Janice Spina’s Louey the Lazy Elephant as well.

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Review written by Sarah Mazor, Publisher of MazorBooks:

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