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ImageSixteen year old Ari Mazor, now a senior in high school, is getting ready to launch his second children’s book.

In A Bully in Monkeyvile Ari broaches the problem of ‘bullies’ and encourages kids to be brave and report to parents or teachers and to friends when they themselves are victims or when they are aware of others being targeted.

Psychologists list a myriad of factors that engender bullying-tendencies amongst kids, including a harsh home life, indifferent parents, bad role models, boredom and peer pressure. Statistics show that bullies come in all shapes and sizes and from all social classes.  Surprisingly, many bullies are popular kids in school; kids who deem themselves superior and above the law.

Unfortunately many bullying incidents go unreported, some ending tragically.  As in any social setting, kids like adults subscribe to a code of honor. The worst offense, many children believe, is tattling or snitching. As a rule it is indeed not cool to snitch, yet children must be made aware that there are times when ‘telling’ is not only cool but heroic!

Parents and teachers must impress upon their kids that turning a blind eye and failing to report bullying is wrong and that there is no ‘honor’ in keeping silent.  Bullying must be stopped for the sake of all involved, the victims, the perpetrators and the bystanders.

A Bully in Monkeyville tells the story of Jason Brown, a new monkey in town who had no friends and who let out his frustration on little Fred.  Initially Fred kept the incidents to himself but eventually he shared with his friends who then came to his aid.

Kids will enjoy the clever story and beautiful illustration of A Bully in Monkeyville as will parents who may also use the book to broach the subject of bullies and discuss this important issue with their children.


Ari Mazor’s first book, Clothes Have Feelings Too!
is available in print (Amazon) and in eBook versions
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