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Kipp The Copper Coast Kid
by Paul Day
[Book Description by author: This book is suited to ages 11 and up. But adults as well as young people will enjoy this, especially if you are a fan of some of the classics, such as Tom Sawyer or Pip and the Convict. This has elements of the classics, infused with the modern style. Set in the 1950s, this story follows the adventures of local lad, Kipp as he explores the old mines. The story is set in and around the historical Moonta Mines in South Australia. A place famous for its unique Cornish Heritage and its deep mining roots. This book is more than just a tale of wits. It is a love story, a drama, an adventure all rolled neatly into one book.]

MazorBooks Reviewer:

Author Paul Day, in his story Kipp The Copper Coast Kid engages the readers’ emotions and imagination and transports them to a world where the real and surreal intermingle. Paul Day’s captivating story of young love is set in and around the historical Moonta Mines in South Australia. The geographical setting, which is famous for its Cornish heritage, lends drama and adventure to the story as do the well-developed and rich characters of Kipp, Jane and others. Additionally, the seamlessly interwoven themes of survival, family relationships, commitment and devotion, — that are as contemporary as they are timeless – add yet another dimension to this enchanting tale.

Kipp The Copper Coast Kid is appropriate for children 11 and up. This book is highly recommended as it is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of its readers and fill their soul with wonder.

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Review written by Sarah Mazor, Publisher of MazorBooks:

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