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As the publisher of MazorBooks, I embrace new technology and am proud of our library of eBooks that continues to grow.  Yet, as an avid reader who spent countless hours relishing the feel and smell of real books, I wonder sometimes about the ransom exacted by progress.

Olfactory Pleasures

The intoxicating scent of a new book is up there with the divine fragrance of a baby’s soft head, the restorative and uplifting fragrance of a rose garden after rainfall, and the heavenly aroma of fresh baked bread.  But like a woman who never held a new born babe in her arms, a city dweller who is yet to be enchanted by magical blossoms, and a bachelor whose sandwiches comprise of artificial chemically preserved sliced-bread replicas, the eBook reader who had never sensed the life innate in organic paper will not be cognizant of the sacrifice demanded by the new technology that denies him or her of olfactory and sensory pleasures.  I fear we are but short years away from a world where school kids learn about ‘paper books’ during class trips to a local museum.

I am going to bake bread!

Sarah Mazor, Publisher