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Your Are Not Your Thoughts (Mindfulness for Children of All Ages)
By: Brian Despard
Illustrated by: Joanne Despard

[Book Description by author: “Children need reminding, as we all do, that they are not their thoughts, even though it can sometimes seem that way. Thoughts can be powerful and at times scary. Here is a playful and wise picture book that gives young children simple ways to be more in touch with what is most essential and beautiful in themselves” ~ Myla & Jon Kabat-Zinn]

MazorBooks Reviewer:
Mindfulness is being actively and deliberately attentive.  It is the antithesis of taking things for granted; a ubiquitous affliction that fosters boredom and gloom.  Oh, but to note the fluttering of butterfly’s wings, to appreciate the sound of a child’s giggle, to enjoy the fragrance of morning’s brew! How much joy is forgone as a result of inattentiveness and obliviousness? The good news is that mindfulness is an obtainable skill and an ability that should be imparted to children early in their lives. In “You Are Not Your Thoughts (Mindfulness for Children of All Ages)”, author Brian Despard makes it easy for the young and not so young to espouse ‘mindfulness’. The book is adorable and joyful as it embraces a lightness of being! I highly recommend reading this book with and to children, as all may be richer for the experience.

Reviewed by Sarah Mazor, Author of
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