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On my Aug 28, 2013 blog I championed the value ‘RESPECT’ as the prominent ingredient of any and all good values. I argued that RESPECT encompasses in it contemporary ‘politically correct’ standards, such as diversity, tolerance, acceptance, but from a place of innocence and humility rather than that of arrogance.  RESPECT, I opined and I stand by that assertion, is the “substance from which all good values emanate”.

It dawned on me that I neglected in my enthusiasm to first identify and define the meaning of the words ‘GOOD’ and ‘VALUE’, which should have been a logical place to start. However, upon further reflection I realized that it would take a doctoral dissertation to properly define GOOD and for that matter articulate the essence of VALUE.

So I’ll go back to RESPECT.

My rationalization for the claim that respect is the bedrock for all good values is that no matter the value, it is grounded in respect.  Cleanliness? Respect for self and respect for property.  Kindness?  Respect and regard for others. Doing one’s homework?  Respect for education, respect for teachers.  Reading and literacy? Respect for intellect and for the written word. Accountability? Respect for self and respect for the truth. Brushing teeth? Respect for body and physical being. Abiding by traffic rules? Respect for society and the law. Recycling?  Respect for the environment and all living beings. And so on…

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