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Little Miss History Travels to the Statue of Liberty
By: Barbara Ann Mojica
Illustrated by: Victor Ramon Mojica

[Book Description by author: Since her last trip to Mount Rushmore, Little Miss HISTORY has journeyed more than 1700 miles over land, sea and air to reach her second destination, The Statue of Liberty. This national treasure stands proudly in New York Harbor welcoming all people to the land of freedom and opportunity. In this second book of the series, Little Miss HISTORY will help you discover who thought of the statue in the first place, the values she symbolizes, the architects and engineers who built Lady Liberty, and the little known individuals who contributed their pennies to make her debut in New York’s harbor possible. You will learn about why she remains a promise and symbol of the hopes and aspirations of many people around the world and not just to immigrants coming to America. Come now and follow Little Miss HISTORY as she enlightens you about The Statue of Liberty!]

MazorBooks Reviewer:
Mrs. Mojica’s enthralling account of the statue’s construction and history includes fascinating details about its origins, its purpose and significance, its architects and designers, and the physical and financial effort its building necessitated. Mrs. Mojica seamlessly interweaves information about prominent historical figures that were involved in making Lady Liberty’s part of the American story, among them Joseph Pulitzer and Emma Lazarus. Exquisite illustrations by Mr. Victor Ramon Mojica add yet another dimension to this beautiful creation, an esthetic element that renders this exceptional book a must have.

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The first installment of this lovely series, Little Miss History Travels to Mount Rushmore is also highly recommended.

Reviewed by Sarah Mazor, Author of
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