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Louey the Lazy Elephant
By: Janice Spina
Illustrated by: John Spina

[Book Description by author: Louey is an adorable but lazy elephant who likes to sleep late. One day Louey wakes up to find that the whole herd has moved on without him. Louey is very upset but he is determined to find his herd. Does Louey find his way to his family and friends? Does he learn that it doesn’t pay to be lazy? Take Louey home with you and find out..]

MazorBooks Reviewer:
Louey the Lazy Elephant is a charming book about a young elephant that lazes about and finds himself in a pickle. As he habitually did, Louey oversleeps even on moving day, only this time he wakes up to discover himself all alone; his family and the rest of the herd have moved on without him. To Louey’s credit, he does not panic. Rather, Louey immediately sets out in pursuit of his family and seeks the help of other animals along the way. In his quest to be reunited with his family Louey transforms! Acquire the Louey the Lazy Elephant and find out more about Louey and his eventful journey that compelled him to overcome his lazy ways.

I cannot imagine a more heartwarming gift than the dedication of this adorable, well-written and beautifully illustrated book by author Janice Spina and illustrator John Spina to their beloved grandchildren. Fortunately, all children and grandchildren now have the opportunity to get their copy of this gem of a book. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Sarah Mazor, Author of
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