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Because I Can Read
By: Pat Nicholson

[Book Description by author: When you can read, you can do almost anything! Pat Nicholson, author of “I Don’t Like Spiders But They Seem to Like Me”, brings this delightful new book for those who are discovering the wonders of reading.]

MazorBooks Reviewer:
One of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our children is the love for reading. Aside from the developmental benefits derived from early exposure to the written word and the advantages kids who read and are read to enjoy later in life in their academic and professional pursuits, reading transports children to worlds beyond their limited life experience, alerts them of opportunities and choices, broadens their scope, and inspires them to dream big. The ability to read also enhances in kids their self-confidence and self-esteem.

In her delightful book Because I can Read, author Pat Nicholson demonstrates to children with the aid of lovely rhymes and terrific illustrations the benefits and the possibilities unlocked by the ability to read. She begins her store “Because I can Read, I know that I am smart. I can learn about anything, and this is where I start:”  I warmly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Sarah Mazor, Author of
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