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Clothes Have Feelings  Too!: Charlie Learns to Care for His Things is now available in paperback on amazon at:
Print edition $7.99 (discounted to $7.59)

Kindle edition available too:
ONLY $0.99

Book Description:
– CHARLIE’S CLOTHES STAGE A REVOLT! Will Charlie Learn His Lesson? – Like many kids, when Charlie undresses he throws his dirty clothes on the floor. But Charlie’s clothes have had it! They decide to teach Charlie a lesson. What will Charlie’s clothes do? And will Charlie learn his lesson? Keep reading. You will love the characters and you will laugh! And then you will want to read the book again and again!

SIXTEEN 5-Star Reviews and counting!
(One of 16 below – written by renowned children’s author, John Gatehouse)

5.0 out of 5 stars Lots of Fun, July 23, 2013

This is a great rhyming story for young children made more impressive by the author’s age. A fun story with a light moral message about picking up disgarded clothes. The illustrations are colorful and their humor reflects the story. After reading this wonderful little tale, I shall never again drop my clothes on the floor! (Sorry, socks! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!)