The ‘Fishy’ Adventures of Gus, Toby and TooToo: BIG TALE 1.
By: Joyce Mitchell
[Book Description by author: Let me introduce myself… I’m Gus, the most handsome (so they say) rainbow trout in Captain Cove. Life is grand in the river, just swimming along and munching the odd caddis fly. Not to say that my life revolves around eating – I do have some other interests too! Although I do love food! My best friend is TooToo, a pretty golden carp. She makes me laugh, but she has a little problem. I won’t say what as she might be listening and I don’t want to embarrass her, but it has to do with green bubbles and it surprised my little spider friend.

In Big Tale 1 of my Fishy Adventures, I meet a new swimmer on the block – a really talkative brook trout, who is a little annoying. I think he wants to look like me because I sparkle and I reckon he might have a little crush on TooToo. Will we become friends – let’s find out… Meanwhile, TooToo hears some gossip about some treasure… but is it really real?

MazorBooks Reviewer:
Joyce Mitchell created a lovely underwater world called Captain Cove that is populated by colorful fishy characters, led by Gus, the most handsome rainbow trout! The lively interaction between Gus, Toby the brook trout, and TooToo the golden `gassy’ carp in “The `Fishy’ Adventures of Gus, Toby and TooToo: BIG TALE 1” introduces the readers to the main characters of this series. In this first installment of the fishy tales, Gus and Toby meet as they are both angling for breakfast, later to be joined by their mutual friend TooToo, who shares with them some gossip. The BIG TALE is largely entertaining, and the best news – it’s the first in a series so the fun will not stop with the last page of this edition!

The ‘Fishy’ Adventures of Gus, Toby and TooToo: BIG TALE 1