From Description on Amazon:

Affirmations for Little Girls: The ABC Book of Rhymes consists of 26 positive affirmations based on the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each affirmation is expressed in a rhyme and is accompanied by a lovely illustration that is bound to delight your child and make you smile.

Self-doubt does not begin in adulthood. Issues with self-esteem, and conversely positive self-image, can often be attributed to early childhood experiences. Thus, promoting self-confidence and self-appreciation, and a positive attitude toward the self during the early years of life is of supreme importance. Read the Affirmations for Little Girls: The ABC Book of Rhymes again and again with your daughter, granddaughter, niece or favorite godchild, and enhance your favorite little girl’s self-image and promote her path to a bright and healthy emotional future.

Additionally, this little children’s book also contributes to children’s intellectual growth. Numerous studies show that children that are engaged in reading activities early, even before preschool, are bound to do better in all levels of education. Research also shows that learning with the help of rhymes enhances phonetic awareness in children. This means that children that are exposed to rhymes gain the ability to break words into smaller parts, an aptitude that augments spelling, reading, and writing skills.

Affirmations for Little Boys: The ABC Book of Rhymes will be published shortly