85 Things MOM! All About Loving You: Review

85 Things MOM! All About Loving You: Review
By Daniel Speraw

[Book Description by author: More than just a list, this book can change your life. Ways 1 – 8 create the foundation, and they can make an amazing change all by themselves; but to keep that foundation, along with the other wonderful changes that are coming, this book will help you make a plan—and stick with it.]

MazorBooks Reviewer
As mothers we may know that we have needs, but often forget what they are. This book is a delight! It enriches as it awakens latent needs that are so easy to satisfy yet neglected for no other reason than disregard and inattention to self. The caregiver in us needs to be reminded that the act of giving is enhanced ten-fold when we open ourselves to receiving.
Recommendation: Mothers, get the book and reawaken. Husbands, gift your wives, the mothers of your children. You’ll both be better and happier for it:)